Stellar Phoenix Novell - Data Recovery Software NFS

Stellar Phoenix Novell - Data Recovery Software NFS

Recover files from a crashed server


  • Fast acting
  • Can save deleted or damaged files
  • Specialised for server data loss


  • Can't recover all damaged data especially very big files


Have you ever suffered from data loss because your server just can't handle the amount of data that's been placed on it?

If so, server crashes can be absolutely devastating wiping out tons of data and leaving users stranded. Of course, the best solution is to ensure that you have regularly backed up your server hard drive but if you haven't, then Stellar Phoenix enables you to access data when the server volume(s) cannot be mounted.

Phoenix - Novell Data Recovery Software can recover Data to another drive in the case of corrupt volume(s), missing volumes, deleted files, allocation errors & partition loss. It's designed to deal with losses to all Novell Storage Systems including Novell Storage System (NSS) and NetWare Traditional File System (NWFS).

The interface is based on Windows Explorer and basically requires browsing to the volume that you want to expect much as you would with any Windows application. To recover data from a drive containing deleted file or folder click the 'Select NetWare Partition' button on the Icon Toolbar and select the partition that contains the volume from which data has to be recovered. Then simply select the volume containing the deleted file and folder and Phoenix scans the folders for problems. You're then presented with a list of those files and folders that are recoverable.

Fast acting and designed for the huge quantities of data that servers can hold, Stellar Phoenix Novell can recover the files that other utilities can't reach.

Stellar Phoenix - Novell Netware Data Recovery Software recovers vital data from corrupt volume(s) of a crashed Server in case you've suffered the worst.

Phoenix is easy and simple to use, and very robust for all kinds of hard drives for Novell Netware Partition and Data Recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Novell - Data Recovery Software NFS


Stellar Phoenix Novell - Data Recovery Software NFS

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